About us

About us

SAFILAIT's adventure started in 2006 in the Beni Mellal region, when its Moroccan founders chose integration as a strategic choice, it has always been backed by an agricultural farm promoting control of the entire chain (agricultural production of animal feed, dairy farming and transformation into milk and derivatives).

Thanks to a combination of success factors (premium quality milk, a professional team, latest technology investments and a JIBAL brand easily adopted by customers), SAFILAIT has offered, since its start, to its customers in the Beni Mellal region, a wide range of good quality products with continuous innovations.

This regional success has allowed SAFILAIT to become a national company in 2008, to quickly become one of the top 3 operators in the market, to recruit loyal clients at the national level and to create hundreds of jobs annually, currently reaching 1500 stable jobs.

After opening its capital to the Bel Group in 2015, this latter sold its shares to the Polmlek Group in december 2022. Polmlek thus took exclusive control of the entire share capital and voting rights of Safilait, with the ambition of strengthening Safilait's position as a major dairy player in Morocco.

The Polmlek group is the largest dairy industry in Poland with 14 production units and 4,000 employees. Polmlek exports to 91 countries and more than 52% of the milk it buys is destined for products sold internationally.